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Most on-site injuries and fatalities that occur every year happen because the workers were not following proper procedures. Often these injuries occur because they did not know the proper procedures. Safety training is extremely vital to any work site process because it will prevent on-site injuries and death, as well as subsequent fines and punishments.

All C&R classes are customized to fit your operation and industry.

Certified Occupational Safety Specialist (COSS)

C&R Compliance is an Authorized Training Provider for the COSS course:

Equipment Operations

Let us train your staff how to operate costly, powerful equipment minimizing your cost and risk:

  • Skid Steer (BobCat)
  • Crane Operator (Overhead and Mobile)
  • JLG and Scissor
  • Forklifts

10 Hours + 30 Hours General Industry

The 10 Hour OSHA General Industry training will give every worker the knowledge to avoid on-site unsafe dangers. This training is available for any and all entry workers and focuses on learning how to identify, avoid, and control hazardous situations.

The 30 Hour OSHA General Industry training is a comprehensive occupational healthy and safety compliance course. This course is for managers, supervisors, or any worker with any amount of safety responsibility on the the work site. This extensive training examines OSHA’s general industry standards and regulations and how to implement OSHAct on your work site.

Fall Prevention Training

On-site falls contribute to 8% of work site falls a year – that’s close to 100,000 deaths that can be prevented by proper safety training and implementation.OSHA has developed comprehensive fall prevention safety regulations and made this training one of their highest priorities in on-site training. Let C&R conduct Fall Prevention Training at your facility to keep these possibilities rare or nonexistent.

Combustible Dust

Housekeeping, hot work programs, and equipment design are the first line of defense in preventing and mitigating fires and explosions. If the workers closest to the source of the hazard are trained to recognize and prevent hazards associated with combustible dust in the plant, they can be instrumental in recognizing unsafe conditions, taking preventative action, and/or alerting management.

We also offer training for:

  • Confined Space Entry
  • Safe Rigging Practices
  • Hotwork/Weld safety
  • Lock-Out-Tag-Out (LOTO)